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Kawai CA501 Digital Piano - Ebony Satin - White Maple - Rosewood


The high-specification CA501 features solid wooden keys, one of the most advanced piano actions in the world, and a sound system that must be heard to be believed.



  • The Keys - Long wooden keysticks and immaculately reconstructed key surfaces, weights and more deliver unprecedented acoustic realism, for the most expressive control.
  • The Sounds - A four speaker, 100W sound system is a lot of sound – and with premium audio components in common with its flagship siblings including 360° speaker diffusers, CA501’s every note rings with clarity and depth. The brand new SK-EX Competition Grand captures the latest generation in SK-EX instruments that have in recent years achieved success at many piano competitions around the world.
  • The Options - Whether it’s enriching the harmonics to suit your space or crafting the perfect delay, playing wirelessly with GarageBand, or overdubbing your favourite MP3s, CA501 offers maximum versatility.
  • The Quality - Precision is everything. More than 95 years of piano manufacture have taught us a thing or two about quality control – and it shows in CA501’s every line and perfect curve.



Width: 142.5cm
Height: 93.0cm
Depth: 48.5cm
Weight: 66kg
Action: Grand Feel Compact
Solid wooden keys: Yes
Counterweights: Yes
Triple sensor key detection: Yes
Let-off simulation: Yes
Soundboard Speaker System: No
Multi-channel Acoustic Rendering: No
88-key stereo sampling: Yes
Number of sounds: 45
Virtual Technician parameters: 21
Interface: 128 x 64 dots OLED
Bluetooth: Bluetooth MIDI + Audio
Output power: 100W
Speakers: 13cm x 2 (woofers), (8x12cm) x 2 (top speakers with diffusers))
Colours available: Premium Rosewood, Ebony Satin, White Satin
Warranty: 5 years

Kawai CA501 Premium Digital Piano

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