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Multipiano Extravaganza - 32 pianos played simultaneously
Thusday 14th June at 5PM

See 32+ Pianos played at Pianomax simultaneously by professional pianists in an exciting pianistic program of multi piano works including Ride of the Valkyries, Stavinsky Rite of Spring for 8 pianos and Terry Riley's in C as part of the Accompanist Guild of SA Festival of Multipianos.

Conducted by Carl Crossin & Leonie Hempton - Adelaide's finest Pianists including Diana Harris, Diana Weeks, Stefan Ammer, Monika Laczofy, Ashleigh Tobin, Mark Sandon, Alexander Hanysz, Irina Liubimova, Dale Ringland, Tully Brooks, Michael Ierace.

32 pianos - Terry Riley "in C"

4 pianos - Marionettes Overture Op.105 for 4 pianists

6 pianos - Organ Toccata in F Bach

2 pianos - Les Larmes from Rachmaninoff Suite no1.

2 pianos - Jamaican Rumba Arthur Benjamin

5 pianos - Rain Puzzle,Elena Kats Chernin -Pianomax Pianists

2 pianos - Poulenc Sonata

8 pianos - Stravinsky from the rite of spring

2 pianos - Saint Saens Carnival of the Animals

8 pianos Wagner Ride of the Valkries